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Our Next Surf and Serve

April 2-9, 2018 our team of 15 volunteers will
lodge at Villa Surf and serve in Sunzal, El
Salvador. Participants pay their own travel
expenses (flights, lodging, food, etc.) so that all
SHaKa donations can be used for service
projects. In addition to a free day to explore the
country, our schedule typically allows time to
surf everyday between breakfast and lunch.
Between lunch and dinner, we engage in

various service projects to help local children
and families. Our next trip will include:

 Work project at the Remar Orphanage

 Violence prevention surf camp for local
   children and youth.

 Dinner, games, and movie with the
   children at the Remar Orphanage.

 Purchase, pack, and deliver groceries to
   local families in need

 Women’s ministry event

How you can help

You can help in several ways. You can make
monetary donations or purchase t-shirts online
or at SHaKa events. You can also sponsor or
participate in our next big fundraiser, the Boom-
SHaKa-Loco Silly Surf Social on November 18,
2017 in Cocoa Beach, FL. Finally, you can apply
to serve on a volunteer team at our next Surf
and Serve.

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